DVD Easter Eggs- Supplemental Files

Thanks to Dennis and Cloverfield Clues! Awesome Cloverfield site for all info about the Cloverfield universe.

From Cloverfield Clues

Hidden somewhere in the Cloverfield DVD menu, is a mysterious Chapter 17, titled #USGX-8810-B467 SUPPLEMENTAL FILES. It doesn't normally appear in the menu, so I don't know how you would navigate to it using your DVD player. It looks like this may have even been accidentally left in the final version, because the quality is not as good as the rest of the menu areas. Will this all be part of the eventual CloverfieldFiles.com website?

From Cloverfield Clues

The next screen shows a list of supplemental files with various suffix codes.

I was only able to find three of the actual files:

13VD - TAG VD #18 - #21 - This looks like a sampling of some of the Chuai station videos. The numbering indicates that there are many more than the seven that were originally found. These don't appear to be on the DVD however.

144VD - Person Of Interest - JL VD #2 - #12 - This is a screenshot of the list of JamieAndTeddy videos.In this case, the indication of "online source" fits with the fact that the videos are not on the DVD.

34VD - Org. of interest - Tag VD #12 - This is a screen shot of the Slusho! site, but it is strangely missing the "Slusho Making Fresh Improvements Just For You" tagline and the Mobile phone message. This is also marked "online source".

Thanks Dennis of Cloverfield Clues!