Cloverfield Blu-Ray DVD Review has an excellent review of the Cloverfield Blu-Ray DVD.

Here are some screenshots of the Cloverfield Blu-Ray DVD:

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My Blu-Ray review of Cloverfield will be coming on Monday and i'll further review the "Special Investigation Mode" extra of the Cloverfield Blu-Ray - TDK

JJ Abrams says Cloverfield 2 is not certain

Sci Fi Wire has an article on JJ Abrams about the future of Cloverfield 2 and more.

So does this mean that JJ will wait for the right moment for the sequel or is he moving on from Cloverfield. We'll see later on this year of what might happen.....

Sorry for the lack of news or anything but i've been busy and there has been no movement on the Cloverfield universe at this period. - TDK