J.J.Abrams talks to BBC about Fringe, LOST and Cloverfield

Chris Moyles of BBC chats to the man behind Lost, Cloverfield and new drama 'Fringe' J.J.Abrams

Mentioning of Cloverfield:

JJ Abrams has said there IS going to be a follow up for Cloverfield and it will "cause people to have more motion sickness." Pretty funny dialogue about Cloverfield between Chris Moyles and JJ, including an interesting idea of a plane and the Cloverfield monster in the sequel and funny title suggestions.

Exclusive Video Interview with Cloverfield Director Matt Reeves On Collider

Matt Reeves was interviewed by Collider during the 34th Annual Saturn Awards in Los Angeles. He gives out some information about the status of the Cloverfield sequel by saying it's on hold and are doing some 'exciting' ideas. Hopefully it happens but as of late, it's not sounding that Cloverfield 2 will happen.

Cloverfield Wins Saturn Award for Best Sci-Fi Film

Cloverfield has won the BEST SCIENCE FICTION FILM at the 34th Annual Saturn Awards. Congrats!

Also 'Cloverfield' Director Matt Reeves won The Filmmakers Showcase Award.

Lizzy Caplan was nominated for 'Best Supporting Actress' but lost to Marcia gay Harden of 'The Mist'.

Cloverfield Blu Ray Special Investigation Mode Notations

Thanks to Bartle of Cloverfield Movie Forums!

This is a long list but these are notations of the SI mode in the Cloverfield Blu Ray DVD. Thanks again to Bartle of CMF for the info and pics. I'll try to have more and clearer pics by tomorrow.

These are the notations which are listed throughout the movie, i tried to include a little thing about where the notations are made so you know where they are during the movie. I hope ya all enjoy this, it's very informative and took some hours to do. I tried to copy down what the notations fully said and how they said it.

(in the apartment)

US-439 (formerly "10 Columbia Circle" or "Time Warner Center") was a two-tower commercial and residential structure in the center of the city completed in 2003.

Unit 3910 was owned by Warren T. McIntyre, CFO of the Mirna Group, a global private equity firm.

Warren T. McIntyre's primary residence was in Imperial Beach, CA and he was not in New York during case designate CLOVERFIELD events.

(beth in bed)

Elizabeth McIntyre (EMCINTYRE), 27, had been allowed to reside in her father's unit, he later reported, until the Manhattan real estate market stabilized.

(beth eating strawberries)

US-175NS (formerly "Coney Island") was a popular beach resort in Brooklyn, NY.

(beth turns camera on Rob)

Robert Hawkins (RHAWKINS), 27, a native of Minneapolis, MN, was the owner of the camera that recorded this footage.

(on the streets)

Jason Hawkins (JHAWKINS), 28, brother of RHAWKINS, is currently filming.

(Jason filming Lily)

Lily Ford (LFORD), 27, romantic partner of JHAWKINS, was raised in Toronto, Canada and was later employed as a human resources representative at a New York publishing company.

(camera pans to jason in the shop)

Jason Hawkins (JHAWKINS)

(cut to rob and beth on the train)

RHAWKINS and EMCINTYRE are seen taking the N train across US-288WS (formerly 'Manhattan Bridge')

(going up the steps)

Residence of RHAWKINS, JHAWKINS, HPLATT and LFORD in the US-271 section of lower Manhattan Island.

(focus on Hud after he hangs up sign)

Hudson Platt (HPLATT), 27, has been posthumously commended for his brave work in documenting and providing the Department with rare close-up details of CLOVERFIELD events.

(Marlena is mentioned)

"Marlena" refers to MDIAMOND.

(jason's speech)

RHAWKINS was preparing for a move to Japan as Vice President of Marketing and Promotions for the Japanese beverage company Slusho! (exclamation point part of trademark)

(Hud moving through the party)

RHAWKINS was to develop a new marketing approach for Slusho! beverages that would be more appealing to U.S. consumers.

(Lily's speech when Hud zooms on Marlena)

Marlena Diamond (MDIAMOND), 26, a native of Rowayton (Norwalk), CT, was an acquaintance of LFORD and an assistant at the Atlas Talent Agency

(Hud talking to himself while filming Marlena)

Slusho! is a subsidiary of the Tagruato Corporation, a Japanese deep sea exploration company whose primary reported concerns were in "petroleum excavation."

(Hud talking to Marlena about doing speech)

Tagruato's other subsidiaries include Bold Futura, a technology company, Yoshida Medical Research, a specialist in deep sea bioprospecting, and ParaFun! wax distribution

(Marlena doing speech)

Tagruato's newest deep-sea drilling station, Chuai, in the Atlantic Ocean off the North American coast, was destroyed in an attack originally attributed to a radical environmental group called T.I.D.O. Wave.

(right after Marlena finishes her speech)

Investigations are underway regarding a connection between the Chuai destruction and the Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) attack in New York.

(Rob's surprise)

Tagruato's chief discovery outside of its petroleum interests was of a substance from the "ocean floor" known as Kaitei No Mitsu, or "Seabed's Nectar."

(Rob asking about Beth)

Seabed's Nectar is a key ingredient in Slusho! and was advertised as having been approved by the "American Food Association" (unrelated to the FDA), who classified the substance as a "high-grade stimulant."

(focus on Jamie passed out)

This woman, Jamie Lascano (JLASCANO), 26, is rumored to have consumed Seabed's Nectar in its pure form a few hours before this footage was shot, after allegedly receiving a sample of the substance from Theodore "Teddy" Hanssen.

(Jason and Rob talking at the table)

Hanssen was affiliated with the environmental group T.I.D.O. Wave, and was reportedly on the Chuai rig at the time of its destruction.

(filming of Rob, Lily, Beth, and Travis)

T.I.D.O. Wave denies responsibility for the Chuai attack, but alleges that the station was not, in fact, drilling for oil. Further information has not surfaced, and Hanssen and JLASCANO are both currently missing and presumed dead.

(rob sitting on chair drinking from sake cup)

Tagruato subsidiary Bold Futura was involved in the hunt for a downed portion of the Japanese government's science satellite ChimpanzIII.

(Beth's speech)

Bold Futura's satellite "Hatsui" was instrumental in the search and identification of the ChimpanzIII fragment off the coast of New York.

(Jason playing game)

Due to CLOVERFIELD events, efforts to retrieve the ChimpanzIII fragment have been postponed. Bold Futura has since been unreachable, having closed all lines of communication.

(Lily telling Jason and Hud about Rob and Beth sleeping together)

Tagruato's secretive CEO Ganu Yoshida, who oversaw development of both the Chuai rig and the Hatsui satellite, is currently classified as a person of interest in these investigations.

(Hud telling Marlena about Rob and Beth sleeping together)

Tagruato's connection to CLOVERFIELD remains under investigation.

(Hud filming Rob and Beth)

In anticipation of the conclusion of the relevant legal proceedings, efforts are underway to procure the Japanese government's cooperation in the possible extradition of Yoshida and other senior Tagruato staff. Yoshida is also wanted for questioning by the Japanese authorities.

(Jason and Rob on fire escape)

Yoshida was reportedly on Manhattan Island at the beginning of CLOVERFIELD events but was seemingly evacuated early on. His current whereabouts, according to Japan's National Police Agency, are unknown.

(the shaking)

0045 hours (12:45 am). The New York City power grid was off line for 7 seconds upon Large Scale Aggressor(LSA)'s initial arrival in the area.

(filming TV report)

This is a Tagruato-owned VLCC class petroleum tanker. Notably, no substantial amount of oil spillage was detected in New York Harbor after CLOVERFIELD events.

(going up the stairs)

Many initially believed that case designate CLOVERFIELD was a terrorist attack.


It is currently accepted that this explosion and subsequent firestorm did not come from the Tagruato tanker, as it remained intact several hours later.

(sounds before SOL head)

This is the first recorded sound of Large Scale Aggressor (LSA).

(SOL head landing in street)

The head of the Statue of Liberty weighs approximately 11.25 tons and is made of copper and steel. It has been suggested that LSA was trying to consume the statue and threw the head after discovering that it was inedible.

(Woolworth Building destruction)

LSA made landfall on Manhattan Island at US-249 (formerly "Battery Park"). The Woolworth Building, completed 1913, was the first large structure to be destroyed.

(Hiding in shop)

It appears that Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) is pursuing a north-by-northwest path along the former "Broadway".

(camera placed down in shop)

At this point in the footage, LSA is in US-271, directly outside this convenience store near the intersection of Broadway and the former "Duane Street," continuing its path in a straight line.

(cutout of Rob and Beth on train while Hud shows the monster)

RHAWKINS and EMCINTYRE, seen here several weeks before CLOVERFIELD incident, are riding the N train to US-175NS ("Coney Island") through Brooklyn, NY

(Jason talking and taking lead)

It is approximately 0120 hours (1:20 am). Evacuation efforts were not fully organized, and residents fled Manhattan Island both on foot and in their vehicles.

(shot of people in ambulance)

FDNY paramedics and NYPD officers were first on the scene, while military efforts (chiefly the NY Army National Guard's 42nd Infantry Division) were being coordinated underneath Governors Island with support from Forts Dix and Hamilton

(walking down street towards bridge)

US-304WS (formerly the "Brooklyn Bridge") connected Manhattan Island with Brooklyn, NY, crossing the East River. It was opened to the public on 5-24-1883 and was 5,989 feet long.

(HUD zooming in on tagruato tanker)

Another shot of the capsized Tagruato petroleum tanker.

(Beth calling Rob on cellphone)

EMCINTYRE's phone call at 0157 (1:57 am) suggests that LSA was near the McIntyre unit in US-439 ("10 Columbus Circle") at approx 0130 hours (1:30 am), arriving at US-304WS ("Brooklyn Bridge") by 0158 hours (1:58 am).

(Shot of people fleeing the bridge)

Designer John Roebling designed the bridge six times stronger than necessary, including a suspension system, a diagonal stay system, and a stiffening truss in order to withstand the most extreme structural stress.

(shot of bridge collapsing)

The bridge was later enhanced to withstand 49,200 tons of pressure, suggesting that LSA's tail exerted a far greater force.

(running after collapse)

Many victims chose to flee via the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, which during CLOVERFIELD events was reserved for military transportation dispatched from "Earthworm" Operations Center/Armory beneath Governors Island.

(Hud filming Marlena, Rob, and Lily)

Earthworm was established on 03-31-2002 to facilitate the NYANG 42nd "Rainbow" Infantry's response to potential terrorist attacks in the New York City area.

(Hud filming looters from a distance)

Earthworm was constructed beneath existing installations on the island that had been historically used by the Army and then the Coast Guard. Underground fortifications built during the 1960s were enlarged and adapted.

(Hud filming Rob)

Earthworm's access to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel below New York's Harbor was key to the hidden base's strategic positioning.

(Rob looking at cellphone)

Case designate CLOVERFIELD marks the first successful deployment of troops, artillery, and vehicles from Earthworm.

(Hud filming reports on TV in store)

Additional operations centers, the only ones publicly acknowledged, were Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn and Fort Dix in New Jersey, providing organizational support.

(Hud filming army outside of store)

The 42nd Infantry's response to the Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) was initiated within 100 minutes of LSA's first appearance in New York Harbor.

(Hud filming rob searching)

On-the-scene media coverage of LSA's attack was curtailed after 0330 hours (3:30 am) when several television news helicopters were destroyed in mid-air by LSA.

(Hud filming TV report again)

There has been a great deal of discussion over the Human Scale Parasites (HSPs) that emerged from LSA. File #US6X-8810-L244 is currently the most thorough source of information.

(Hud filming parasites on TV)

It is estimated that over 2,000 parasites emerged from LSA during CLOVERFIELD. Due to their destructive nature, they were as much of a rationale for the Hammerdown Protocol as was LSA itself.

(Rob listening to phone)

Some theories suggest that these parasites mat have provoked LSA into it's violent emergence from the water onto dry land.

(Rob telling Marlena, Hud, and Lily to go with military)

Over 350,000 Manhattan Island residents and visitors were successfully evacuated via the Holland Tunnel

(Lily saying she is coming with Rob)

Early estimates indicate that approximately 1.4 million residents and visitors were evacuated via tunnel, helicopter, and bridge.

(military attack)

LSA's foot has been estimated at 35-40 feet in length - roughly the size of a New York transit bus.

(going into subway)

Contrasted with the empty Spring Street station, several subway stations across Manhattan were filled with terrified citizens during CLOVERFIELD. It is estimated that thousands were still in the stations at the initiation of Hammerdown Protocol.

(filming in station)

In Upper Manhattan, the absence of Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) activity and relatively few Human Scale Parasites (HSPs) allowed many to evacuate to The Bronx, NY, through subway tunnels.

(Hud filming Rob)

Uptown coordination efforts were handled by NYPD, as military efforts were focused on the lower half of the island and did not move north of US-447 ("Central Park"), despite the large population in that area of the city.

(Rob on phone)

Patricia Hawkins of Minneapolis, MN, mother of RHAWKINS and JHAWKINS, provided the Department with details of her sons's backgrounds.

(Hud filming Rob and Lily from a distance)

Mrs. Hawkins claimed that she had no further information on RHAWKINS' involvement with Tagruato, the Slusho! beverage, or its stimulant ingredient Kaitei No Mitsu ("Seabed's Nectar").

(Hud filming Marlena)

Tagruato CEO Ganu Yoshida was reportedly attacked while in Manhattan. Protesters were said to have pour an unidentified liquid on Yoshida outside of a restaurant.

(Hud and Marlena talking)

It has been inferred the protesters were members of radical environmental group T.I.D.O. Wave, who has also initially been blamed for the destruction of Tagruato's Chuai drilling station in the Atlantic.

(Rob planning route on map)

It is not known if RHAWKINS was personally acquainted with Theodore "Teddy" Hanssen, alleged T.I.D.O. Wave member, although they shared a mutual friend in Jamie Lascano (JLASCANO).

(In tunnel)

Although HPLATT recorded little footage from the 3.5 mile walk in the tunnel between the Spring Street and Lexington Avenue/59th Street stations, it is estimated that this walk took approximately 60-65 minutes to complete.

(Hud talking about ocean in tunnel)

HPLATT is likely referring to the coelacanth, presumed extinct for over 80 million years until rediscovery in the 20th century. Madagascar's first reported coelacanth was found in 1995.

(Superman comment)

Although it was just HPLATT's conjecture, preliminary details from the attack on Tagruato's Chuai drilling platform offer evidence that the Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) may have originally been discovered in the Atlantic Ocean.

(little after comment)

While connections between deep space exploration and LSA are tenuous at best, investigations into the relevance of Japan's ChimpanzIII satellite and Tagruato subsidiary Bold Futura's Hatsui satellite remain open.

(filming rats)

Rats can hear up to a range of 90 kHz, compared to the range of human hearing, which goes no higher than 20 kHz. This gave the rats early warning of Human Scale Parasite (HSP) presence in the tunnel.

(hurrying through tunnel)

It has been suggested that HSPs had entered this subway tunnel via the 51st Street station, prehaps detecting potential victims.

(parasite sounds)

This clear recording of the distinctive sounds of HSPs has proven invaluable to the Department. Refer back to documents from US6X-8810-V973 for an in-depth sonic analysis.

(parasite attacks)

Many HSP attacks seemingly involved some level of pack coordination.

(after the attack when they get away)

Preliminary blood samples from HSPs showed high levels of Katei No Mitsu ("Seabed's Nectar"), the key ingredient in Tagruato's Slusho! beverage

(view of Marlena's wounds)

Close-up of MDIAMOND's wounds show typical features of Human Scale Parasite (HSP) bite patterns.

(cleaning Marlena's wounds)

One theory is that water poured on the wound may have caused a reaction with HSP's saliva (or possibly venom), and accelerated the deaths of MDIAMOND and other victims.

(discussion of Marlena)

MDIAMOND was bitten at approximately 0430 hours (04:30 am), and succumbed to her wounds within 20 minutes. This places her early within the spectrum of most HSP bite deaths - which generally occured between 20 to 40 minutes after the initial bite.

(when they come out of subway)

The Lexington Avenue/59th Street subway station opened in 1919 and was in use by the 4, 5, 6, N, R, and W Lines.

(going through the station)

This station's upper platform was designed to connect directly to US-419CDP (formerly "Bloomingdales's" department store, opened 1886)

(enter into command center in mall)

The command post/triage unit at US-419CP ("Bloomingdale's") was the smallest of three CPs installed on Manhattan Island during CLOVERFIELD events.

(dead soldier)

This dead soldier exhibits what seem to be standard traits of HSP bite trauma: exploded central cavity and bleeding from the nose and eyes.

(dead parasite)

Specimen #84P was key in the Department's research in the physiology of HSPs. The yellow substance around it's mouth was initially thought to be venom; however, further studies indicate that it may actually be a form of saliva.

(Marlena being rushed off)

MDIAMOND's isolation during her final moments was a precaution against initial fears of viral contamination. The rapid containment of her body before its inevitable combustion was also necessary for hygenic purposes.

(after Marlena's death)

This service hallway was rarely used by military personnel during case designate CLOVERFIELD. US-419CP was fully evacuated by 0600 hours (6: 00 am) via the route through the store to the Lexington Avenue/59th Street station.

(military guy talking to them)

A special train serving the 4 line was sent in to transport military personnel, surviving victims and evidence northeast to Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx, NY.

(discussing hammerdown protocol)

At 0442 hours (4:42 am), the Hammerdown Protocol was approved for case designate CLOVERFIELD, 120 minutes before execution.

The intersection of the streets formerly known as "40th Street" and "Park Avenue" was one of the several airlift evacuation points, and the one closest to the Hammerdown Protocol's zero vector.

(footage of carriage alone in street)

This escaped horse was merely fortunate; other amateur video footage (see file #US6X-8819-C105) shows Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) consuming several horses at once.

(beth's apartment)

US-439 (formerly "10 Columbus Circle" or "Time Warner Center"). For details on how the second structure came to lean, see document #US6X-8810-X589, Appendix C.

(building lobby)

Surprisingly, a neighboring tower, US-438 ("1 Central Park West"), once known as the "Gulf and Western/Paramount Building," was not damaged by LSA.

(in stairwell)

US-439 ("10 Columbus Circle") at 750 feet in height, was marketed to potential residents as being 80 stories high, but the actual number of floors in each building was substantially lower, due to the extra height of each floor.

(planes flying overhead while crossing buildings)

These F/A-18 Hornets were clocked at this position on Manhattan Island at 0516 hours (5:16am).

(going into beth's building)

EMCINTYRE was one of few occupants of the upper floors of this tower to escape. As it was damaged early on by LSA, most occupants were unprepared and trapped in their residences.

(entering beth's apartment)

EMCINTYRE is estimated to have left the home of RHAWKINS at approximately 0025 hours (12:25 am) and arrived at US-439 at approximately 0050 hours (12:50 am), 40 minutes before the attack on the building.

(beth on the floor)

EMCINTYRE's companion earlier that evening, Travis Marello, drove his own car away from Manhattan Island via the Lincoln Tunnel and was at home in Weehawken, NJ for the duration of the attack.

(zoom in on monster from beth's apartment)

The Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) is estimated to stand between 240 and 300 feet tall in it quadruped pose, and possibly up to 1,200 feet in length, from head to tail. Its weight is estimated at 5806.04 metric tons.

(Bombing of LSA while crossing buildings)

F/A-18 Hornets fired AGM-65 Maverick missiles at LSA to no avail.

(single parasite attack)

Human Scale Parasites (HSPs) were frequently discovered lurking in stairwells and other enclosed spaces, suggesting advanced predatory skills in employing surprise to trap their prey.

(back out through lobby)

RHAWKINS' reminder of final chopper liftoff at 0600 hours (6: 00 am) was crucial: The time in this footage is approximately 0540 hours, allowing just 20 minutes for the victims to traverse the 1.6 miles to 40th Street and Park Avenue.

(running on the streets)

US-398CP (formerly "Grand Central Terminal") was the largest of three command post/triage areas on Manhattan Island during CLOVERFIELD events. It had been evacuated by the time of LSA's attack in this footage.

(first chopper taking off)

By 0600 hours (6: 00am) at least 78 successful airlifts from Manhattan Island had been completed, with only 2 choppers down.

(getting into second chopper)

UH-1N Twin Huey helicopters were the primary airlift vehicles used for CLOVERFIELD-related evacuations.

(flying overhead)

HPLATT's overhead footage of the Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) is noteworthy for its survey of damage to the island; news footage of LSA earlier in the evening provided more detail. (See related documents from #US6X-8810-F560)

(bombing of LSA)

This B-2 spirit unleashed a payload of 80 Mk-82 bombs with minimal damage on LSA. Significantly heavier ordnance was used on LSA during Hammerdown Protocol.

(attack of chopper)

This footage shows LSA leaping up to approx. 560 feet.

(chopper crash)

Other reports indicate that LSA's horizontal reach, arms outstretched from side to side, may measure as much as 740 feet in width.

(talk on radio)

Hammerdown Protocol was initiated at 0643 hours (6:43 am) which indicates that this section of footage was shot at 0628 hours.

(shot of dead pilot)

CW3 Douglas Inhorn piloted 13 rescue missions out of Manhattan Island during case designate CLOVERFIELD, and was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

(up close shot of monster)

The Department has hypothesized that LSA's head is 45 feet high and 50 feet deep, it's mouth up to 15 feet wide and 35 feet high, and it's largest teeth 5 feet in length.

(footage of Hud dead on the ground)

Although HPLATT's remains were never recovered, it is generally accepted that his body was severed in two by LSA.

(going towards arch)

Greyshot Arch in US-447 ("Central Park") was constructed in 1860 and opened in 1862. Its archway was 30 feet, 6 inches wide and 10 feet, 1 inch high, while it's bridge and balustrade were 100 feet long.

(camera with Rob and Beth)

It is believed that New Brunswick sandstone used in the bridge covered the camera and shielded it from further destruction during Hammerdown Protocol.

(rob explaining to the camera)

RHAWKINS was incorrect: actual time between initial appearance of LSA and execution of Hammerdown Protocol was 5 hours and 57 minutes.

(explosion of bridge)

Hammerdown Protocol executed precisely at 0643 hours.

(during credits)


Cloverfield Director Talks Creature Sequels and more....with Wired

Wired has an interview with Matt Reeves about the latest status of the Cloverfield sequel and more. He also gives some insight about his upcoming movie with JJ called "The Invisible Woman"

Here is Wired interviewing Matt Reeves about Cloverfield:

Wired: There's been a lot of back and forth about whether or not a Cloverfield sequel is in the works. Can you set the record straight for us?

Matt Reeves: I can say that we really hope we could do it. It's in a pre-baby stage. Right now, it's still like in the single-cell version of itself. It's not a viable life form yet. But the truth of the matter is, we're not 100 percent that we're going to do it. I have a couple of ideas, Drew [Goddard, a Lost alum who penned the first Cloverfield script] has a couple of ideas, but we just finished this one, and we haven't had the time to evaluate what's next.

This isn't me being evasive, but it's literally just too early to tell. We promised ourselves that we would have to come up with something just as fresh and fun, 'cause you don't want to repeat the experience. We don't want to be repetitive. It's an unusual problem, but a cool one, to see what would come out of it.

Wired: Does that mean the monster is definitely alive? That seemed to be hinted at in the muffled radio static after the credits.

Reeves: If there's a continuation like a sequel, then one would think there's something still going on. Whether it's that monster or not, I don’t know. We know the film would need a fresh perspective, and I don't think that means just picking up where we left off. But I can't even confirm anything in that direction.

Wired: You're killing us, Matt!

Reeves: [Laughs] I know. I'm sorry. This is like my pre-Cloverfied interviews where I couldn’t give anything else away, except there just isn't anything to give away this time. But I know that J.J. [Abrams], Drew and I really want to work together again, and hopefully it'll be Cloverfield 2, and if not, then something else cool. And I'll keep you in the loop.

Wired: The movie recently debuted in Japan. How did that go over, considering the film's roots in the ultimate creature feature, Gojira, or Godzilla?

Reeves: It was No. 1 in Japan for the first two weekends -- it created a big stir, which was very exciting. We didn't know how the audience there would respond to the viral marketing, and it went over very, very well. The culture is so different -- everyone is so kind and polite -- that it was hard to get a real feeling for it, but at the screening the audience went crazy. I'd actually never been to Japan, so it was really cool to have Cloverfield bring me there.

Wired: What's different about the Blu-ray release?

Reeves: Even though we shot the whole movie on a Handycam, it was actually shot in HD. I'm excited for people to see [the monster] in its full, pristine environment. I need to get a copy of the DVD too! I'm anxious to see it in Blu-Ray.

Source: Wired Blog Network

Cloverfield Blu-Ray DVD Review

Blu-Ray.com has an excellent review of the Cloverfield Blu-Ray DVD.

Here are some screenshots of the Cloverfield Blu-Ray DVD:

Click the images to enlarge

Screenshots source: Blu-Ray.com

My Blu-Ray review of Cloverfield will be coming on Monday and i'll further review the "Special Investigation Mode" extra of the Cloverfield Blu-Ray - TDK

JJ Abrams says Cloverfield 2 is not certain

Sci Fi Wire has an article on JJ Abrams about the future of Cloverfield 2 and more.

So does this mean that JJ will wait for the right moment for the sequel or is he moving on from Cloverfield. We'll see later on this year of what might happen.....

Sorry for the lack of news or anything but i've been busy and there has been no movement on the Cloverfield universe at this period. - TDK

Cloverfield on Blu Ray in June 3rd!

HighDefDigest has announced that Paramount Home Entertainment will release Cloverfield on June 3rd, 2008!

This is the official release by PHE:

Following the initial wave of titles, Producer J.J. Abrams' monster hit, Cloverfield, arrives on Blu-ray on June 3. Earning over $166 million in worldwide box office to date, Cloverfield thrilled critics and audiences alike with its shocking, first-person video account of a horrifying attack on Manhattan by an unknown -- and seemingly unstoppable -- force. The Cloverfield Blu-ray will include an exclusive feature-length "Special Investigation Mode" with added details about the film. Additional features include a director commentary, Making Of featurettes, deleted scenes, alternate endings with commentary and more.

BTW, also the OFFICIAL Paramount Blu Ray site says "Coming Soon".

ROAR! (Cloverfield Overture) Now Available on iTunes!

The full-length version of Michael Giacchino's "Roar" from Cloverfield has finally been released on iTunes!

The DRM'ed download runs $1.99, and is 23 MB.

From the official press release:

For the first time, the full length orchestral piece, entitled "ROAR!", will be available exclusively from iTunes paralleling the release of the film for download. Giacchino's "ROAR!" showcases an epic monster movie style, one that captivated audience members throughout the end credits. The film version of "ROAR!" totaled 9:45. The iTunes release finally makes available the full length, unedited piece that runs 12:15.

Cloverfield Escape: Register to win!

Cloverfield Escape is site in which you can register for a chance to win great daily prizes and you'll qualify to win the "ultimate escape" - a $5000 Travel Package, which includes a $3,500 travel voucher and $1,500 in spending money to go anywhere you want in the world!

ROAR! (Cloverfield Overture) to be released on iTunes on April 29th!

SoundtrackNet has offcially announced that iTunes will release ROAR! (Cloverfield Overture) on iTunes on April 29th, 2008.

ITunes will release the end credits overture from "Cloverfield" by Michael Giacchino. For the first time, the full length orchestral piece, entitled "ROAR!", will be available exclusively from iTunes paralleling the release of the film for download.

The film version of "ROAR!" totaled 9:45. The iTunes release finally makes available the full length, unedited piece that runs 12:15.

IGN: Cloverfield "Russian Guy" Translation

IGN has an interesting article about the russian guy who approached Hud and co. in the movie.

We don't know what he says because he is speaking russian but IGN has translated his only quote in the movie:

The water-god from the north has returned, they cannot kill it with fire. Go back…

It's probably speculation but still interesting.

JJ Abrams on AOTS, IGN: Matt Reeves Interview

J.J. Abrams appeared on G4's Attack of the Show, and discussed Star Trek, Lost, and Cloverfield. He mentions there is NO connection between Cloverfield and LOST, and there are no definite plans for a sequel yet.

IGN interviewed Matt Reeves and talked about the potential of the sequel and the viral marketing.

Cloverfield Files in now up!

Sorry for being late. I've been busy lately.

Cloverfield Files is now up! There are several puzzles to unlock the "restricted" videos.

If your having trouble, Cloverifeld Clues has the puzzles all figured out.

Bloody Disgusting's Exclusive "Making the Parasites" clip

Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive clip from the Cloverfield DVD's "Cloverfield Visual Effects" extra. This segment titled "Subway Parasites" shows how that scene was filmed.

Thanks to Dennis of Cloverfield Clues for the video upload.

Target Cloverfield DVD comes with Exclusive Cover

It has the cool "recovered from the government" bit to it, but still has the iconic Statue of Liberty on it. Upon closer inspection, it looks like a slip-case.

Here's the description on the site:

Only At Target

Deluxe Edition includes Rob's Party Mix music CD, featuring OK GO, Goldfrapp, Scissors for Lefty and more.

You can still get the Standard edition online on the Target site ONLY.

Thanks to yodasmeagol from 1-18-08news forum and Cloverfield Movie Forum for finding this!

Cloverfield DVD Reviews

Cloverfield DVD reviews are now out there (been out there). Here are two excellent DVD reviews to show you.

DVD Dizzy has an excellent review of Cloverfield. They even have some cool screenshots:

Cloverfield Clues (Dennis) also has an excellent DVD reviewto view at your pleasure. As always, with awesome screenshots of the DVD and info about it.

My own DVD review is coming tomorrrow! Sorry for the hold up.

A suprise on CloverfieldMovie.com!

On CloverfieldMovie.com, when you play the trailer on the site, you get a surprise! Go check it out!

Also *spoiler warning* look at the alternate ending screenshots at Cloverfield Clues.

Michael Stahl-David on Cloverfield 2?


Warning: The first paragraph contains a spoiler regarding the end of the film.

ShockTillYouDrop caught up with Michael Stahl David about his role in the Cloverfield sequel and Cloverfield's ending.

Michael Stahl-David talking about the potential of the sequel happening:

"I think they're still trying to figure out how they're going to pull it off," the actor laughs. "They have some ideas they're excited about but they're really not sharing them with many people...and they're not sharing them with me."

And his role in the sequel:

"unless it was being glimpsed for a second by somebody else's camera. And I think people have seen enough of me running around anyway."

And the end of the film:

"I think it's: 'Are you still there?'," then, "'I'm still here," says Stahl-David. "That's what it is."

Cloverfield Interactive Map on UGO.com

Thanks to Cloverfield Clues

Ugo.com has a great interactive Cloverfield map, with detailed information and photos about the various locations in the movie, and interesting trivia about those real-life locations.

Cloverfield's New York
Knocking the heads off statues, blowing up buildings, drooling on the lawn in Central Park ... the monster in Cloverfield is the ultimate tourist from hell. Next thing you know he'll be going up the wrong side of the subway stairs and slowly window shopping on Madison Avenue during pedestrian rush hour. Cloverfield is so jam-packed with real NYC locations, we thought it would be fun to take a tour of the local hot spots visited by the monster and learn a little about their history, architecture, and the way in which the monster smashed them all to hell.

IGN Video: Cloverfield (Special Edition) DVD Behind the Scenes - Creating The Monster

New TIDOwave post April 11th, 2008

TIDOwave has a new post on thier site.

It reads:

To MissingTeddyHansen.

There's no help coming. Stop your campaign.

There's nothing here.

Interesting indeed.

Cloverfield Hidden Extra - Rack 'Em and Pack 'Em

Its hidden to the left of EspaƱol on the Set Up menu.

Funny easter egg lol. Were phantoms in 15!

Japanese Box Office of Cloverfield

The weekend numbers are in for Japan, and Cloverfield pulled in $2,580,377, making it number one.

According to Variety:

"Cloverfield" hit No. 1 at the Japanese weekend B.O., following its April 5 bow on 235 screens.... This was 30.2% more than "Dreamgirls," which opened on 287 screens and finished with $19.3 million and only 1.2% less than "Babel," which bowed on 351 screens and ended with $20 million.

Helmer Matt Reeves, producer J.J. Abrams and members of the pic's cast and staff came to Japan to tubthump for the pic. Also distrib Paramount mounted an intensive campaign centered on the Web, which succeeded in drawing the target teens and twenties demo, as well as dating couples.

Paramount accordingly expects "Cloverfield," which was inspired by "Godzilla" and other Japanese monster epics, to hit the $20 million mark.

As a total, Cloverfield is expected to make $180 million worldwide. Not bad for movie with a $25-30 million budget.

DVD Easter Eggs- Supplemental Files

Thanks to Dennis and Cloverfield Clues! Awesome Cloverfield site for all info about the Cloverfield universe.

From Cloverfield Clues

Hidden somewhere in the Cloverfield DVD menu, is a mysterious Chapter 17, titled #USGX-8810-B467 SUPPLEMENTAL FILES. It doesn't normally appear in the menu, so I don't know how you would navigate to it using your DVD player. It looks like this may have even been accidentally left in the final version, because the quality is not as good as the rest of the menu areas. Will this all be part of the eventual CloverfieldFiles.com website?

From Cloverfield Clues

The next screen shows a list of supplemental files with various suffix codes.

I was only able to find three of the actual files:

13VD - TAG VD #18 - #21 - This looks like a sampling of some of the Chuai station videos. The numbering indicates that there are many more than the seven that were originally found. These don't appear to be on the DVD however.

144VD - Person Of Interest - JL VD #2 - #12 - This is a screenshot of the list of JamieAndTeddy videos.In this case, the indication of "online source" fits with the fact that the videos are not on the DVD.

34VD - Org. of interest - Tag VD #12 - This is a screen shot of the Slusho! site, but it is strangely missing the "Slusho Making Fresh Improvements Just For You" tagline and the Mobile phone message. This is also marked "online source".

Thanks Dennis of Cloverfield Clues!

"I Saw it. It's Alive. It's Huge!" Cloverfield DVD Featurette.


ROAR! (Cloverfield Overture) now on MP3!

Thanks to THELUIS.com for the exclusive upload.

Enjoy the high quality song of this masterful piece of music by Micheal Giacchino called ROAR!(Cloverfield Overture) played during the end credits of CLOVERFIELD.

More Cloverfield DVD exclusives!

Thanks to Tagruato Blogspot and Cloverfield Clues!

There are FOUR more Cloverfield DVD exclusives that have announced, which in addition to the Standard, HMV/FYE/Suncoast SteelBook, and Play.com editions, bring the current total to seven (you can't buy just six?).

ShockTillYouDrop is reporting that Best Buy will be offering a bonus disc entitled "TJ Miller's Video Diary". It will include nearly 30-minutes of behind-the-scenes footage with T.J. Miller - the talkative, and resilient, camera operator of the film.

Austrailia's EzyDVD will have an Limited-Edition Collector's Tin, which will be available Thursday, 22 May 2008. They are also listing a 2-disc collector's set which will also be available the same date. It's interesting that Cloverfield premiered in Australia one day before the US, but they will get their DVD a month later.

MovieWeb is reporting that Target will be offering an exclusive Rob's Goin' to Japan Party Mix CD with their Cloverfield DVDs, which is a stripped down version of the CD given out at Rob's Going Away Party. It will include the following tracks:

1. OK GO * Here It Goes Again
2. Goldfrapp * Ooh La La
3. Coconut Records * West Coast
4. Scissors for Lefty * Got Your Moments
5. The Vapors * Turning Japanese
6. Parliament * Give Up The Funk
7. Of Montreal * Wraith Pinned To The Mist
8. The Blood Arm * Do I Have Your Attention?
9. Bright Eyes * Four Winds

FYI, you can buy the full version of Rob's Party mix on iTunes.

Lastly, Sears/Kmart will be offering a free Cloverfield ring tone.