Ain't It Cool News has some scoop about the release of ROAR! (Cloverfield Overture).

Ain't it Cool News has some info about the status of the ROAR!(Cloverfield Overture) theme song with some confirmation by Michael Giacchino himself. Here is the article:

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here with news straight from the mouth of the monster from CLOVERFIELD (2008).

No, not the gigantic creature that destroyed New York City. I’m talking about the monstrously talented composer Michael Giacchino who penned a groundbreaking overture played during the closing credits of the film. It’s an amazing composition which pays homage to the classic monster movie sound defined by legendary GODZILLA (1954) tunesmith Akira Ifukube.

I belong to a growing body of folk who are dying to get their hands on this piece of music whether it be a digital download via iTunes or a soundtrack CD. A lot of rumors have been flying around and Giacchino himself sorts it all out.

Available for download in this month’s issue of Film Score Monthly Online, there is an on camera interview with Michael Giacchino in which he addresses the unsuspecting demand for the CLOVERFIELD overture and its impending release.

Giacchino reveals, “We’re working on that now…there are a bunch of legal knots that need to be tied…” He admits had they foreseen the demand they could have been “ready months ago”. Nobody suspected there would a market for one piece of music.

Giacchino also reveals that the original composition was thirteen minutes long while the version which ended up in the film was edited down to eleven minutes. He concludes by saying the version they’re going to release will be the full thirteen minute work. He didn’t disclose how the music would be released.

If you’re not already familiar with FSM Online I highly encourage fans to become acquainted with this staple site. I had been a loyal subscriber of this publication when it existed in magazine form since October 1993. Since they converted their content to exclusively an online publication several years ago my patronage followed. Each monthly issue is packed with news, reviews, editorials, interviews, and multimedia content devoted to the world of film music.

For more of the Michael Giacchino interview where he discusses his Academy Award nomination, scoring LOST, analog vs. digital, and his score for the upcoming SPEED RACER (2008), check out the site and sign up today.

Go! Go! Go! Giacchino!

Check out the news here!

I can't seriously wait for this song to come out. Hopefully Micheal ties those knots so he can release this piece of masterpiece soon.

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Slusho Update: A weird sword.

From Cloverfield Clues

There is a mysterious update to the Slusho website. A strange symbol, which looks like a sword and a quote balloon, is appearing on the main page, and on the contest page. I checked the site, and don't see any other changes, or anything else hidden in the flash files - so I don't know what to make of it. Let the wild speculation begin...

Check it out yourself.

Cloverfield Special Edition Images from IGN

Thanks to IGN for the images! Click here for the article.

Here are the images:

Click the images to enlarge.

Cloverfield Fans is happily to announce that CMF will be the official forum!

Visit to check out this rad Cloverfield forum. With over 500 forum members in 2 months, this Cloverfield forum is destined to be the largest. It is now the OFFICIAL forum for Cloverfield Fans. =]

Cloverfield Movie Forum is waiting for you. Click here to register!

Matt Reeves will get a Filmmakers Showcase Award during the Saturn Awards.

This year’s Filmmakers Showcase Award goes to Matt Reeves, the director of the hit film, “Cloverfield”. “Cloverfield” depicts a group of young people who must find a way to survive in a major city which is under attack from a monstrous creature.

Cloverfield is also nominated for two Saturn Awards, "Best Sci-Fi film" and "Best Supporting Actress" (Lizzy Caplan)

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Cloverfield DVD is now up on and Wal Mart

The Cloverfield DVD is now up on to buy. It wasn't working for a temporary moment but now it's up!

Also Wal Mart has the Cloverfield DVD up on thier site.

It is priced at $19.87

Cloverfield Myspace Update

The Official Cloverfield Myspace has updated it's site to announce the DVD.

It's now official. Cloverfield is coming out on April 22.

It's now official that the Cloverfield DVD will be coming out April 22.

Check out the official site of Cloverfield to see what i am talking about. =]

PS: There is an image of the Cloverfield DVD and says "Click the DVD to buy it now" but it's not working at the moment. It may be up soon!

Also in the trailer it says "Coming Soon to DVD"

Check out the Cloverfield DVD

The Official site of Cloverefield with the annoucement!

Updated: Cloverfield DVD Back Artwork!

Click the image for a larger view

Thanks to!

More Monster Details and effects!

Thanks to Tagruato Blogspot!

Computer Graphics World Magazine has an interview with Tippett Studio's Eric Leven who served as one of Cloverfield's visual effects supervisors. Some select excerpts from the interview:

Q: What was so unique about the monster?

A: The large creature has a couple unique features. One is his skin, which has a translucent, pale quality. Gus Dizon was responsible for the actual creature paint work for us and was constantly looking at creepy reference pictures of translucent sea creatures. The monster also has a huge ape index, meaning his arms are much longer than he is tall, giving him a long reach (the better to destroy stuff with). We also had fun with his feeder arms, which are limbs near his center of mass, which, in theory, he uses to scoop things up and eat with. We used them primarily to bust up his profile and make sure he didn't look like a guy in a suit with just four limbs.

Q: In terms of modeling, what was the most difficult part?

A: The creature designer, Neville Page, built hi-res models in Pixologic's Zbrush. Modelers John Koester and JJ Kang treated it as scanned data, and our first step was to rebuild them as low-res models and displacement maps. When then changed the design slightly here and there for animation purposes, making knuckles larger or hips smaller, for example, so we could get the monster to move the way we needed him to move.

Here are the links:

"Making a Monster", Eric Leven describing the details about the effects of the Cloverfield Monster

CCM's interview with Eric Leven .pdf File.

Cool Cloverfield DVD Cover?

I found this randomly on the internet. Is this fake or real? I don't know know but it is awesome and it looks badass!

Click the image for a larger view

New Cloverfield DVD Artwork!

From DVD Active

Retail Artwork

Click the image for a larger view

Retail Artwork 2

Click the image for a larger view

Article on Cloverfield in Cinefex Issue Number 113

Here's the Cinefex link!

Thanks to Tagruato Blogspot.

In Cloverfield, New Yorkers flee for their lives as a colossal beast of unknown origin destroys the city. Conceived by J.J. Abrams and directed by Matt Reeves, the film put a new spin on the rampaging-monster genre by having all of the action filtered through the shaky lens of a bystander’s handheld camcorder. Visual effects supervisors Kevin Blank, Eric Leven and Michael Ellis teamed with special effects coordinator David Waine to oversee the guerrilla-style shoot, while Tippett Studio and Double Negative handled environmental and creature effects.

In addition to posting the Monstrous! ad, Meyemind says about the article:

"I don't have my copy yet, but I flipped though it, nice spread on Spiderwick, and Cloverfield went from a an Overview to a nice feature as well! I saw a couple shots of mine in there from Cloverfield though, more to come once I get my copy..."

Official Paramount Cloverfield DVD release announced!

From DVD

Paramount Home Entertainment has officially announced Cloverfield which stars Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, TJ Miller. The Matt Reeves directed monster flick will be available to own from the 22nd April, and should retail at around $27.95. The film itself will be presented in anamorphic widescreen, along with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround track. Extras will include a commentary by Director Matt Reeves, 4 featurettes (The Making of Cloverfield, Cloverfield Visual Effects, I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge, and Clover Fun), 6 additional scenes (Congrats Rob, When You're in Japan, I Call That a Date, It's Going to Hurt, Alt Ending #1, Alt Ending #2), and multiple eastereggs. We have no word on a Blu-ray release at this time.

Here are the "Easter Eggs":

• Easter Eggs: Alpha Encounter - UNCONFIRMED - TAG VD #18 English
• Easter Eggs: Alpha Encounter - UNCONFIRMED - TAG VD #19 Spanish
• Easter Eggs: Alpha Encounter - UNCONFIRMED - TAG VD #20 French
• Easter Eggs: Alpha Encounter - UNCONFIRMED - TAG VD #21 Japanese
• Easter Eggs: Slusho!
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 2
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 5
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 9
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 11
• Easter Eggs: Rack 'Em & Pack 'Em
• Easter Eggs: Fighting the X

Tagruato Interview: Cloverfield Lead Creature Designer Neville Page

Tagruato Blogspot has an awesome interview with Cloverfield Lead Creature Designer Neville Page. It's a very interesting read indeed.

Here's the interview!

Also check out his official page:

Neville Page's official site

HMV got an exclusive Cloverfield DVD Cover! Steelbook Version? has an exclusive awesome cover for the Cloverfield DVD. It looks like a steel box punched by something? Is this the Steelbook Edition? Who knows but it has 2discs.

Here's the link!

Cloverfield DVD Special Features

It looks like we have some scoop on what the Cloverfield DVD Special features can be.

According to the special features will be:

  • Commentary by Director Matt Reeves
  • Case Designate: Cloverfield (50 mins)
  • Easter Eggs
  • Document 01.18.08: The Making of Cloverfield
  • Cloverfield Visual Effects
  • I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge!
  • Clover Fun
  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Alternate Endings with Optional Commentary

I can't wait for this DVD! =]

Here's the link!

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Anyways i will be providing with the latest updates on Cloverfield, Cloverfield the sequel and the upcoming DVD release.